Almost Golf 10 Practice Golf Balls White HDOLQEQJQ

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With the Almost Golf practice ball you can improve your golf game with out going to the range. Features:

* Limited Distance Flight: 100 yards max, 40 Yards with Wedge

* Off Course Safe: won't hurt cars or siding

* Internal Pressure: real 'pop' off the club face

* Fun For Everyone: juniors, beginners, serious golfers

Manufacturer's Description

Hit it straight, play a fade or hit a draw. The almostGOLF Balls true-flight characteristics allow you to accurately assess your swing. No more second- guessing whether you're hitting the ball well because the almostGOLF Ball responds just like the rock, but flies a limited distance

And since the almostGOLF Ball weighs less and sits up higher in the grass than conventional golf balls, it's the ultimate training aid for all levels. It can help the beginner learn basic ball-striking techniques, while allowing the competitive golfer to hone advanced skills like fades and draws

The almostGOLF Ball travels approximately one-third the distance of a normal golf ball. As a result, it's great for use with every club! All club distances correlate to your actual distance with a regulation ball. No longer do you have to soften your golf swing because the ball can't handle the force, velocity or resistance.

Almost Golf 10 Practice Golf Balls White HDOLQEQJQ

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