Nanle Children adjustable helmet skating speed bike adult professional sports helmet comfortable breathable safety cap YSSZRBBKR

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★ Multi-functional protective gear: suitable for ice and ice skate bikes and other extreme sports.★ Professional and Comfort: Lightweight, airy EVA foam provides cool air flow and limits sweating.★ Durable materials: shock absorption, safety insurance and stylish design.★ Children's Helmet: Suitable for children aged 3-10, head circumference 51-57 cm. Adult ski helmet head circumference: 56-61cm. The dial is suitable for large or small head adjustability.★ good impact resistance. Use ABS and EPS. The perfect balance of weight, thickness and protection.

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The bright and stylish Nanle main helmet is suitable for safety, value for money and eye-catching design.

• Material: ABS / high density compression cushion EPS plastic high tensile compression protection foam pad

• Features

• Adjustable size, head protection, impact resistance, high wear resistance, memory, aesthetics;

• Earthquake: The helmet is very strong and provides safety protection for children's gliding

• Support adjustments: With the quick knob and belt, you can adjust the size to fit your head and provide support

• Sweat ventilation: 12 vents are designed with 12 vents to ensure children's breathability and hygroscopicity during exercise

• Multi-color optional!

• committed to

• Authenticity: We solemnly promise, genuine, strict quality inspection, quality assurance, you feel comfortable buying.

In-kind shooting: We have professional shooting equipment and creative team. Product images are profession

Nanle Children adjustable helmet skating speed bike adult professional sports helmet comfortable breathable safety cap YSSZRBBKR

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