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Inflated, soft, pliable and dynamic ball-cushionSit on it - for a healthy back without painStand on it - for joint stabilization and improved balanceLay on it - while performing core strengthening exercisesSuitable for office-chairs, benches and floorsSize: 33cm in diameter, with exercise posterWithstands loads up to 200 kg

What is a Dynair Ballkissen Kids
The Dynair Ballkissen is an inflated and dynamic therapy and training tool made of patented Ruton. It is a space saving alternative to an exercise ball and is being used as an unstable surface for back and fitness training. It features a needle valve for regulating the air charge.
The Dynair Ballkissen Kids comes in a size pariculary suitable for children. The material is odorless and free of latex and forbidden phthalates. It is produced in Germany by TOGU-Gebr. Obermaier oHG - the specialist for inflatable training and therapy equipment. The manufacturer offers a 30 year warranty for the product.

What is it good for
It helps kids to keep an upright posture and to strenghten their back muscles while sitting. The back is very effectively relieved and becomes incidentally trained. Additional benefits can be an improved ability to focus, better physical coordination and balancing skills.

How does it work
The air charge in combination with the patented form and the special, high quality material make a dynamic sitting and training possible. Place the Dynair Ballkissen on a seat. While sitting on the Ballkissen minimal movements are necessary to counterbalance the instable surface. These movements are performed by the back muscles. So without spending time for any additional exercises, the back muscles can easily be trained at school or at home while doing homework. The Ballkissen can be inflated or deflated for various levels of comfort and difficulty.

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Dynair Ballkissen Kids ; training chart

TOGU Dynair Ballkissen Balance Disc RSAHPPHWS

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